Ideas for Innovation

It is certainly true that idea’s alone do not go very far in the economy, if contribute anything at all. But what happens when good idea’s lead to actions that are self-sustaining?

Where do ideas come from? Why should anyone care about ideas when making a living is at stake? Isn’t bringing home the bacon the most important goal? Is it okay to ask the government for help in funding ideas? There may be mixed perspectives on this, but if a strategy is believed in, then perhaps this is a good plan, just as a parent gives a child an allowance. But what happens when the child goes and wastes his money on candy and video games?

Of course, other options the child could have made are more patience-demanding. He could ask his father to set up a savings account, and leave allowances for a rainy day. But that has to be the choice of the child. For the adult, this option is still available, but it has to be prioritized over some more stimulating options, like a new vehicle, a new fridge, a new tv, or better living conditions. These things are important, and could definitely contribute to a better performance in a career/work activity. But which is more essential, the quality of the shelter, or the security of the livelihood.

I am confident that going to God in trust that He will take care of me will always be there. But sometimes this means I have to be content with some “broken in” items. I recently cleaned out the refrigerator, and found that (in addition to smelling better), it looks better too. It provokes me to organize it more, could influence me to put healthier content in it. But also, this frees up income that could go into funding the initial steps of a wealth-producing idea. I have ADHD, and so I tend to jump from different topics often. But if something sticks, I stay with it longer. This also looks more stable and secure to others. In fact, this can lead to outside support and backing.

I believe God gives ideas that can create wealth. This economy can be transformed by ideas that create work for others. If enough imaginative individuals put some savings away and take the first steps, then much can be revived. A revival can be more then just an internal one.

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