Method of Delivery

How important is the medium of delivering a message? How much credit is given to a message based on the manner in which it is given?

Ideally, no influence on the content should come through the delivery method, but the truth is, people pay attention to how they receive an item. It is natural to watch body language and facial expressions in an interaction. It goes hand-in-hand with trust and respect in a relationship. And trustworthiness is generally a prerequisite to a good product. People want to be reassured that their investment is well placed. The reason why a transaction takes place, the product actually given, and the method of delivery of the product are all apart of the process of economical relationships. If the method of delivery is lacking, credibility in the actual product given tends to lose it’s appeal.

But what if the product being delivered is excellent, even though the method of delivery is lacking? How does one offer his fantastic product without offering an equally exciting presentation? Sure, it happens, but perhaps it means either the consumer is desperate, or the quality of the product is self-evident. But does that change anything? If the product is qualifying itself, is that not still a method of delivery? It’s when a product is not in itself alluring, nor is it being promoted by it’s distributor.

Is it enough to have the appearance of a quality presentation? If a gift is wrapped in fine wrapping paper, and it looks wonderful on the outside, but on the inside it is marked up by all kinds scribbles and graffitti. Of course, the consumer will take the gift with gratitude, seeing the finely wrapped gift. They trust the quality of the product based on the wrapping quality. Of course, they must open the package. The content is in the package, and it is good, but under the wrapping paper is the filth of a multitude of obnoxious markings. The product is assessed based on the new evidence of the packaging.

But on a larger scale, what about people? Words are powerful, but they are the expression of individuals. And words being spoken are validated by the actions and character of who they are coming from. If someone speaks awesome words of encouragement, and then leaves without any sign of commitment to fulfill spoken claims, then trust does not stick on this person, and if repeated, a distruust develops in the person. Words from a genuine heart, on the other hand, will warmly flow out of a corresponding mouth. It connected. It is a natural observation to connect the message with the face it comes from.

If a message is coming from the appearance of a seemingly well-meaning face, then it stands to reason that it will be taken with credibility. But if the message is later found to be untrue, or containing errors, then the person originally giving the message losses credibility. If truth is told, but it is not pleasant, it may be rejected before it is found to be trustworthy. Sometimes this is the right method of delivery, but sometimes, it does a lot more harm then good.

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