Relational Fitness

"MWR GWOT" by Defense Visual Information SSGT RICKY A. BLOOM - Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -
“MWR GWOT” by Defense Visual Information SSGT RICKY A. BLOOM – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

It is the push of either a justification or a habit that brings us to the weight room or the running shoes. But what if the motivation were actually relationships?

Biological indicators

I have recently been noticing that my body lets me know when I should eat something in particular, refrain from something in particular, or stop eating during a meal. It just lets me know. Of course, I can ignore it, but I have lived long enough to know there’s no reason to doubt my body. I have also noticed that as long I am periodically in a fitness season, my body will let me know I should work out. I ofcourse, can ignore this too. But you know the problem with ignoring these simple biological alarm systems? I end up feeling worse, and then It tends to come out as I interact with people!

Fitness Boast

How does one prevent that feeling of fatigue, tiredness, and slum? Caffeine! Energy drinks! If the ultimate goal is to relate with people, and this works best for you, then more power to you. But I have found this is a very short-term solution. But working out always leaves a very refreshing and satisfying feeling of energy. My muscles feel their potential, my heart feels it circulation potential, and my mind can rest assured that it gets all the blood it needs for the days tasks. And the only downside is maybe some dirty gym cloths and 2 hours time (at most) are replacing otherwise placed time. But if relationships are at the core of our lives (and this is my personal perspective), then shouldn’t everything be done to promote good, lively and alert interaction with people?

Relational honesty

I think so. Of course, more often then not, working out *is* motivated by social influences, but these are generally selfish internal motivations, rather then selfless, external motivations. There is nothing wrong to with wanting to acquire an awesome physique, but in the end, is it bigger then you, or is it just augmenting your ego? I am simply speaking out questions that have arisen in my own heart, and if it’s not you then just disregard this. But somethings being strait with one another allows for improvement. Relationships that go deep demand honest critiques and revising suggestions.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Some of my best workouts have been with other guys who say little *coherent* English, but rather raw, guttural sounds of struggle. It’s an indication of determination. Yet with these men I have literally sweat (and sometimes bled) with. I have shared a deep place with them. And at other times (in individual workout sessions) I have found a beautiful place of meditation with myself and God. These all contribute to better interactions with people.

Investing in Relationships

Nutrition should not, of course be neglected. Eating this that my body doesn’t agree with will lead to uncomfortable repercussions later on. And often, people get the second-hand firing of those repercussions. And it is surprising how something coming out at the wrong moment lingers in people minds and hearts for a while after the incident. It is imperative to guard our words and encourage, affirm, and build people up. These simple interactions could lead to *much* greater results in the future, because relationships are 90% of life. And just like 90% of actions are mental, and 10% is physical – It is the same with relationships. If we have good interactions with people, there is often a greater return on the investment.

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