Is Technological Singularity Possible?

Artificial_Intelligence_by_Adila Image by Adila

Is mankind capable of thinking of something that could out them, and if the software is then able to think for itself, would it care to interact with man? Where is God in man’s intelligence discovery?

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence Image by agsandrew


The hypothetical event of man and machine being literally equal in every way. It is the sky conceived in science fiction, yet understood as being more then just science fiction. What would it look like? Can we rely on movies like The Terminator, The Matrix, and iRobot to suggest it to us? Singularity would suggest that man can reach beyond what man is capable of reaching. It suggests man-made computer software learning, as actually capable of predicting human actions or potentially even thought. Is this a desirable outcome, and if such an event were capable of occuring, what would this say about the existence of God, and Him creating man in His image? Would God allow man’s creation to evolve? Would it explain a universe that God allowed utilized an evolutionary process in His creation of the universe? Is the fact that God created man in His image with all of his character attributes, but not His nature attributes a good proportional comparison of man creating a machine? Can man out-build his own intellectual limits, just as God gave man free will? Is man’s moral conscience the only superiority over the creation of artificial intelligence, that he should have been wise enough not to create his own superior evolutionary successor?


What is technology capable of being right now? Can it think independently? Can it engage in challenging intellectual discussion, can it do anything outside of what has been explicitly instructed of it by programmers? Are open variables in programming a peek at what could be eventually be instructing us and telling us what to do? How much will augmented reality periphrials play into the advancement of a digital entity? Can technology be given a conscience, or emotions? Will mankind move into more of a virtual reality scenario first, or more of a augmented reality one? How much will 3d modeling, programming, 3d motion capture technology be implimented in created a new landscape? Will a digital taraforming take place with sophisticated 3d motion capture technology, or will highly elaborate augmented lenses, and neural interfaces allow us to interact with virtual characters in a physical setting? How much will robots shape a potential move towards a artificial intelligence, and will they be developed to learn intuitively, rather then by programming, or voice-recognition software?

Human biology

Is the brain really so simplistic? Is each neuron, supposedly the equivalent of a poly-core computer processor in it self, of which there is suggested to be a trillion plus present in the brain really depreciating? Is digitization going to supercede mechanics in all areas of life? What about what is known about the human mind that really exceeds beyond just the brain? What is really happening in dreams, how is our subconscious learning, what do we do with the moral warehouse of man aka, the conscience? Is the human mind really just a combination of a couple of empirically-recognized organs in the body, is there there something deeper going on? Is there something that is sending signals to the brain? Can quantum physics explain some of the spiritual dimensions human beings experience, and has man found his intellectual limit with quantum physics, or metaphysics?

Human Intelligence

What about artificial intelligence excites us anyway? Is it that competitive spirit that is pushing us, and out of habit, we are appeasing it? Again the question is posed: Is it possible for man to create an object that he cannot then control, or even comprehend?

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