Reverence Motivation

What is your reason for being reverent in your spiritual/religious following? Is reverence a requirement? Does reverence always look the same?

Considering Reverence

Words that would come to mind as synonyms would be Respectful, obedient, submissive. These are all good attributes, assuming the is not a tyrant ruling. Communism works very well in simplifying things down to a mechanical operation. But human beings are said to be more then “human doings”. So the question is, is reverence done for reverence sake, a tradition blinded adopted in the name of conformity? Is it right to question every tradition held sacred, or are somethings better left behind the shroud? Is God expecting us to pay attention to aesthetics as a demonstration of an internal character, or are the effects of internal characters going to show up regardless? Does reverence need to be forced, and is there anything wrong with it if it is?

Engaging reason amidst sacred tradition

What if there was no heritage of information passed down as to why things in our families, communities, towns, nations and religions whatsoever? Would it matter? Why do conspiracies attract so much attention? Unsolved equations are like itches waiting to be scratched, and the very nature of conspiracies are to be mysterious and unsolved. Conspiracies are like equations with unidentified variables. There is no way of knowing accept to take ownership into the inner circle one-self. Deception is revolving around extensively in the whole realm of conspiracies, whether truthful or not. In fact, there is something spiritual about mystery, perhaps a fear of the unknown that is attracting to bored individuals.

Blindly-Followed Traditions

Is there reason to believe that traditions that are followed without any background information giving illumination to them any different then conspiracies? Is it even good stewardship of traditions to follow them without learning there history or significance? What happens when the foundation of a build broken, but the brick just above them are still solid? A long, and slow process of degradation occurs, drastically shortening the life of the structure without any immediate indications of demolition. Traditions that are well understood have the right to be followed, since genuine, personal reasons can at least be formulated to justify the following. But following traditions for the sake of modern trends is a sad and depressing example of mental laziness and moral softening.

Intentionally-owned traditions

Beliefs lead to decisions, and those decisions lead ultimately to character. If traditions are not relevant to a person, and contribute no absolute good, or even aesthetic good, then reason might actually question the sanity of the individual following the tradition. To be fair, many do have reasons for the traditions they follow, and are tied to beliefs. Beliefs go along way, or at least they should. Reverently following a tradition should indicate a solid, and solemn line of reasoning for the action. It should at least be internally consistent, even if not respected externally.

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