Spiritual Mind Control

Is man just a biological entity with some elaborate ability to perceive our own existence?

It has been concerning among many to discover the potential presented by science that we could one day have technology merged with our brains. But is the origin of our thoughts and beliefs really in our anatomical brains? Does it all begin in neurons and gray matter? What if there is a deeper place that science hasn’t been able to observe that actually precludes the brain’s signal-sending and logical function? What if this mysterious thing called “the mind” actually includes some supernatural, abstract stuff that then sends “abstract” signals to a physical brain that then converts “abstract” data to physical data that our physical bodies can decipher and use? Is it really so outrageous to consider? The deeper science plunges into psychology, and quantum physics, the more is found that doesn’t necessarily mesh with traditional physics. Things have some certain patterns and similarities, and there is certainly order, but it’s just not what we’re used to. Are we allowed to try a new thought out here, in the name of discovery?

Are our brains already under control? Where does imagination come from?

I find it a very comforting potential, since it means that technology can be experimented with (created using God’s gift of imagination, and raw elements). It means that when doctors open up a human skull, and start tinkering with brain matter, creating muscle reactions, that there is still a control center that is private to that individual, and their will and choice allow someone else to take ultimate control over the individual. It also means things the quantum computers and artificial intelligence software will never be able to *conquer* man, since it will always be subject to input by man, and man has not the ability to create the spiritual capacity that controls us. I find this to be good reasoning by God in limiting our potential self-destruction.

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