Deepest control Origin

What is the deepest point of control for creatures? What difference is there in animals controlling themselves and humans?

Something Deeper

Looking into the eyes of a dog, a lemur, or a cow, I find myself looking at something a bit more then a lifeless corpse. It has the capacity to control it’s pupils, though much of it’s biological activities are autonomous anyway. But compared to an animal, a human being has something mysteriously different when looking into his eyes. What is it about the human being? Why is there that sense of “something more” – that “life in him”? What is different? Are all dogs really in heaven?

Spiritual Dimension

I am going to suggest that man has a control center that exists well beyond the empirical grasp of man’s science. I am going to suggest that the spirit inside of man is actually sending signals to the biological brain, that then merely translates that signal through the nervous system to the muscular skeletal system. Why is it that neurologists can open up a human (or a chimp) and tinker and make muscles twitch and move at will? Are we simply sophisticated biological organisms? If there is some metaphysical dimension that precedes the empirically observed physical body, what would that mean? What if this were proven? That we really are spiritual beings. Beliefs can be freely chosen, but it would certainly compel a greater sobriety in terms of how to proceed in life. Let’s look at it more practically. It would allow science to move forward proportionately. Quantum Physics, whatever believed of it’s reliability, would be reinforced by the concept of spirituality being authenticated from another credible field. Science could be allowed to find it’s very edges, and allow man to look to other sources to consider what science can not (aka philosophy and theology etc).

Surface details

If the deeper source can be solidified a bit more, then the more shallow concepts can be yet more identified and well defined. Why does the brain do what it does? How do dreams work? Why is an athlete able to push beyond what his brain tells him is the logical limit? These are questions that physics, and statistical psychology can only contemplate and guess at, but if a solid factor is given, there other variables can begin to be filled in. Spirituality could potentially explain a lot of mysteries, and also open up a lot of new ones. But it is questions that all man to grow. Questions lead to experiments, and changes in thinking, which could change huge social demographics, like the amount of murder in the world, since belief ultimately leads to actions. It would give a more solid categorization of where beliefs occur as opposed to memories and emotion-feeling neurons.

Discovering Creation

I am of the persuasion that as we get to know ourselves better, we get to see the person of God better (or the lack of Him), and in that way know His creation (or whatever else may have created it). Looking at man as the jewel of the universe is an obvious direction to take, because man is one of the more numerous specimen’s found among us, and conceivable the most observable…


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