Quantum Miracles

What if what the people of the 1st century called miracles were really what now is categorized as quantum mechanics, or even well-defined science? Is there still miracles today that quantum physics barely even has a framed formula’s for?

In the first century, during the rule of Rome, people were very religious, and most attributed things that were not obviously understood as originating from the gods. It still happens today, when something happens that doesn’t seem to line up with a good, general understanding of nature and function – it is attributed to God or mother nature, etc. But what if, while science is making discoveries that make miracles of the past now a part of man’s ever-greater understanding of a verifiable world, there are still things that baffle even the most decorated theoretical physicist? Is it possible that man’s mind, even corporately, utilizing written records, and digital storage, does not yet have more then a small percentage of what is potentially possible in God’s great creation? What if gravity just stopped for a moment – informing us that one of the most basic, and dependable of laws is still at the mercy of something larger out there? Can our feeble apparatus of math and systematic analysis really capture the cosmos, and even if it could, would it just open up a new dimensions of discoverables that are literally exponentially more complex and unpredictable? How delicate can man’s measurements become in order to observe the universe at it’s deeper levels?

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