Excellence of God-given Identity

I’ve noticed something. I could be seeing only a very small, isolated demographic, but if that’s the case, someone prove me wrong!


I have noticed that those who are excellent in their profession are usually simplistic in their theology and Biblical understanding. Christians are either excellent in their field, and either try to promote Christ and dilute their gifting through stale Biblical principles, or they are poor in their craft while their concept of God and His creation is excellent. It shows up everywhere. I have seen it in the film industry repeatedly. I have seen it in the mysterious Christian gaming industry. It shows up in science, the balance is getting better in education, but then Biblical education has the other extreme of lacking imaginative, innovative modes of delivery.

Fresh, Inspired content

I recognize that God and Scripture are to be revered, but then again, how much are we revering Him if we are not utilizing the reasoning and imagination He gave us. I am going to be honest and admit that the atonement is the most mysterious concept of theology for me, but I continue to see no good and captivating representations of it. As far as art goes, paintings I have come across are very good, but 3d artists I feel are afraid to put the “edge” on their inspirational preparation, and a Christian 3d artist can be seen from miles away… I really get bored of seeing the age-old Christian Crucifix, the Christian fish, the, and other archaic symbols of Christ’s body. If God wants us to live in freedom, why are we stuck with these overtly overused symbols? I am actually seeing it in worship too, If I may be permitted to speak freely.  I know that my rambling doesn’t go very far if there is no action behind my words, and so I have taken to writing essays in order to develop research methods, I have recently taken this last summer and plunged into a life-long dream of learning 3d modeling, and have passed over what I have called a “threshold” to which I can build on.

But these are things that I have taught myself. Sure, I took some community college courses, and training schools, but I hold no honorary ivy-league caliber credentials that some Christians can claim. And I am not condemning anyone for not pushing hard enough, but am simply putting the question out there: Why are the Christians not at the very cutting-edge when we are called to a standard of excellence (Matt 5:48).  There, I have released what is on my heart.

Please let me know if I am taking that verse out of context.

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