Idea of Christianity

The internal moral transformation that takes place inside a person’s heart when they make Jesus Lord is more then  a memorable event, it marks a different thinking process.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed the by renewing of your mind.” 

Romans 12:2

Some would call it a religion, and others call it a relationship.  Whatever label it is given, Christianity has taken the world by storm.  But what it is it about an “invisible Kingdom” that makes for such a markedly different community of people?  For those that are curious what signs of God’s Kingdom are present on Earth, they can commit at least one observable factor to the list: Stubbornly loving people.  For whatever reason, whether it is out of a belief that they need to perform for God, or out of a natural outflow of what they have received from Him, Christians have a commonality of unrelenting love about them.  They have a pretty universal humility characteristic as well.  But the question to be asked is: is this of their own, internal preserving character, or is there an internal reservoir producing the characteristics they exhibit?

Rock Bottom Revelation

I have heard many speak of “hitting rock bottom”.  This means, essentially, that they had been living/existing, and they went to the very edge of sanity, or saw some of the very worst that a fallen world has to offer, it was the tipping point for them.  For some, this “shocks” them back to reality, and step back from the edge of the cliff.  They then live in a careful, thankful state of life thanks to a revelation they got before it was too late. Whether the providential individual was Christ, or not, is not strictly speaking relevant at the moment. Where else is a life-long internal change like this going to happen. People like this, in my experience, *never* go back! Another situation that is a common event that happens in Christianity – the black-and-white transformation. One example that comes to mind is Augustine of the fifth century. He dabbled in some other religions and had an insatiable lust for sexual activity. He couldn’t escape it. For whatever reason, he is uniquely viewed in Christian history as a *victim* of divine intervention, and God had converted him.

Irrevocable hope

The Christian is unique in his perseverance. There is something inside him that drives him forward when others give up. And maybe even a faint smile on his face. It is a picture of something profound that happens when someone finds something they have been looking for their whole life. While there are people out there who have hope, it is attached to something more-or-less unpredictable. It may be their marriage, it maybe their career, it may be their undaunting love for life, but realistically, all of these things can change at the drop of a hat. Hope keeps a person going. Hope in an invisible being that exists outside of time, who knows *all things, loves violent, and never stops caring for His own is the dependable factor that a Christian relies upon, if his whole world falls apart, his hope remains intact, because he is tethered to something beyond his world, and universe.

Realm of Reality

Christianity is not some bubble that people step into and disregard the world behind them. Rather, God wants the whole world to live in the intended state that He had planned from the beginning for them. It was man’s choice from the start that separated him from his best possible life. Christianity is synonymous with what reality was always meant to be. The notion that some people “aren’t cut out for religion or Christianity” is a myth, since God’s plan (as He knows man better then man does) is to restore him to his great experience in life, see Jer. 29:11. Looking back at that stage in history of Adam and Eve in the garden is sad, because God let man live in his separated state from a full life.

Conscience engagement

The conscience of man may be perceived as a construct of the mind. It directs the individual into what is right based on the wisdom that he has allowed himself to learn. It is like a storage facility to hold virtues. When the Holy Spirit is given permission to interact with the person’s deepest places, the person is softly presented with leading of what should be the morally-correct action. And the conscience also expresses feelings when something is or isn’t done, depending on if a person is listening to his conscience anymore. Christians are listening, and thus, others see them mysteriously doing things that doesn’t necessarily seem natural under the circumstances.

Measurable Transformation

If the Christian life were just a giant, ancient sect of people who hold to ancient traditions and symbols, it would not last. But there is a strand of Christianity that has always been pressing the limits. Christians are living with a mission, and if they follow it, are risk-takers. They have found the source of life to which longings have been telling them to look for since they could make conscious decisions. For the Christian, peace is present for them in whatever they do, and wherever the go. Peace is a metaphorical network that they get reception to. Christians, if they have really allowed the Creator to guide them, have a joy about them that emanates from their presence that is attractive. Their tipping point reaching much further then others, because they trust that their Father God will provide for them.



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