Mechanics and Imagination

Machines are unquestionably a monument to the minds of men in our modern day. They have allowed transportation to be a fraction of what it was, they have made home life more comfortable, and work more efficient. But where would these devices be without the vision for the framework and function of the device in the first place.

And more intriguingly, where would imagination get us without a basic understanding of mechanics to begin the process of filling in the inventive gaps that provide the modern, varied conveniences we have come to love?


Which came first, the bolt, or the nut driver? When it comes to mechanics and engineering, logic is present. One thing has to follow another. Idea’s give definition to what will be created in the end. But, being an artist, I have discovered that while creating something, I discover something else, that I may not have if I had not been working on something else. So then, while the original project can be completed, a new project can then initiated. It took the journey to achieve what was actually just some cuts, paint strokes, or extrusions away. Isn’t the journey – the risks, where growth takes place? Isn’t concept shaped by an open imagination, and perhaps only a basic knowledge of mechanical elements? So then, technology is where science really is put into application for the world to make practical use of. Could imagination, if it can be released, more powerful then a textbook understanding of hard-and-fast concepts?


Certainly a knowledge of the tools used in creating is important, be even a toddler can pick up a paint brush and create a work of art that may, by happenstance be really remark able. Those with tools that require a bit more preparation, such as website Domains, 3d Modeling Software, Sophisticated Audio sequencing equipment, and particle physics simulators definitely find a more full range of function in their tools of choice. And, certainly I can attest to, without such a knowledge, an intimidating set of tools can inhibit the interested artist from even beginning his work. In the art of Civil engineering, a detailed plan is created that can then be brought to a full, life-size tangible and inhabitable structure. The more detail goes into the blueprints, the more detail will show up in the life size reproduction. But then, in our modern age, construction is merely stage one. Once the basic structure is in place, landscaping professionals, painters, interior designers, all bring their expertise to the table, which all formally precedes the final touches that would be added by the actually family that would live in that structure.

Breaking up the Mold

Perhaps the imagination process can take up more of the preparation then we have giving it credit for. Sure, there will be some translation concerns for getting the 2d Idea into 3d, or getting a business model from paper to a thriving organization, but the greatest place for a foundation lays at the original ideas that began the project. I remember watching the first Matrix movie (1999), and thought it was spectacular. I was very excited about the sequel that had come out later, but then I was very discouraged to find different actors were added to a Jerry-rigged plot. It’s not that the trilogy turned out bad, but it wasn’t very consistent with the rhythm of the first one. If the directors had chosen to film all three movies in a single, major project (risk), the movie series could have won awards, as did the LOTR series did. But more then awards, it would have stayed a classic.

Physic’s-bending Imagination

So, speaking as an artist, plan to work with what you know, but also plan to head out into some uncharted territory, as a means of expanding your experience base, and achieving something you would not have necessarily seen on your own. Imagination is something powerful, and should not be limited by what presently-understood mechanics says is possible…

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