Driving Idea’s

An Idea leads to a decision, decision leads to action, action to habit, and habit to lifestyle. It begins way back in the foggy neurological-fabricating center of our being. But at the end, it determines how we go about life.

Some would say it is who we are. In either case, idea’s are influential.

It has been said that dead man’s idea’s rule the world. It was not at all a surprise even hearing this initially, because it is so obvious, with even just a little bit of knowledge of history. Some theories and facts of science are the result of observation and experimentation done hundreds of years ago, and many updates have been merely cosmetic. While there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping what is solid in place, what does that say about the comparison of those men of the past, and the men of today? Is there really little let to discover in the world? Is debates over century-old content really all that left? Part of science is observing. It is noticing something in nature, and then producing a hypothesis to test. While understanding the theory’s of old from textbooks is a good, safe practice to begin, should the maturity of a real-world scientist, theologian, author, or other field worker be ready to plunge out on his own with a risky, innovative idea that could change the industry? Isn’t growth the result of change?

Moral substance

Empirical science works with things that are observable to the 5 senses. But morality deals with things that are scientifically “invisible”. Yet, few would say morality is not just as real as physical substances. In fact, while things like a watch is important only as it fit’s into use it was intended for. Morality tells us how to go about interacting in the world we are living in. Knowledge, we understand, is facts that are understood. But wisdom is the proper application of those facts. So what is the substance without the guidelines. Morality really influences what happens in life more then we think, even if it is indirect.

Indirect Influence

Even if one individual does not necessarily submit to a particular religion, or moral standard, in order to get along with others in a world that still understands the concept well – they respect those that do submit. Such a standard presents a desirable order, and concreteness. Relationships can fall into sync with something more then the predisposition of the individuals and their immediate whims. If a family member feels strongly about something, then the other family members are nearly obligated to at the very least to respect that family member’s decision. But that is at the bottom rung, for families are *supposed* to be the most intimate sphere of our society, so merely respect an other person’s decision may not hold water in the long run. Sacrifice is usually a factor of real love.

Hope Factor

The image of an athlete comes to mind. His mind is set on a goal. His actions are going to be directed to bring him to the finish in a record-breaking time. He will push his physical limitations to virtually whatever ends in order to achieve his goal. Men have collapsed on the track in order to win a race. Others have died. Men have taken horrendous beating in the ring in order to come out on top. It is in our heart to have a goal, and set our hearts to achieve it. What would a man be without some kind of goal to set his eyes on. Biological statistics cannot compute what will happen when a person is driven to achieve a ambition in his heart.

Invisible driving Force

Factors outside of visible range drive directly or indirectly much of what happens in this life. To dismiss this concept is to diminish the potential present in the human being. Technology will never be able to produce the human being, because is the human being that discovered the technology through his inmaginative capabilities in the first place

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