Titles and Moral Cores

Tyrannical Professionalism

One’s title represents a tremendous amount of accumulated work, performance, and dedication. It is an award or badge of sorts. In fact, it can represent a maturity of character. But gone are the days when a title is entirely equivalent to a person’s true character. Perhaps because deception has become more commonplace in our lives, or maybe because titles no longer attempt to identify a person’s character, in an effort to be socially acceptable and professionally objective. But wait, all professionalism aside, what is life but the people who are in it anyway? If professionalism takes away from us what is genuine and true, professionalism, the corporate ladder, etc is one of the masters of society to which we are still slaves. And this is a creation of society – a monster of tyranny by our own making.

People are Primary

While informal life situations have their need for organization and formal environments have their need for some casual comforts, people must never be devalued in favor of objects, or metaphorical ambitions. Technology, institutions, geography, are all in place to be enjoyed by the people in our world. Who is the judge of whether a person lives in freedom to the very obstacles around him? Must he linger at his dead-end job, remain in the same city he was born and raised in, or is he in control of his own fate? I have come to the conclusion that fatalism is fatal. The only thing people arn’t in control of is other people, and of course, God.

Title Examination

What is found ‘under the hood’ of a typical title? A doctor, a lawyer, a Priest, a Physicist? The respected one’s have more then just book learning, and the diploma legally granting them the privilege of the title. Experience is the commodity once highly valued. It’s what brought customers far and wide to render their hard-earned cash for well-spoken of services. Experience is not something that can be bought. It must be labored through. It must be individually attained. It is a mark of a journey of trial-and-error. It is given presidents because it is real world practice, rather then theoretical, simulated instruction. Is the title one bears enough to withstand the inspection of his peers, his customers, his Father, and King?

Morality Depth

At some level, every person understands a moral reality. There may be those functioning so close to insanity though, that have either ignored moral boundaries, and register only a mere fraction of what should be there. But this dimension of reality is universal, and everyone understands it, and unites us as a race under God (whether believed in or not). But if a title is no more then a legal authentication, it will not stand the test of time, and if it does, it will eventually fall into submission of the experience that certifies the title as representing real worth. #


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