Message In The Actions


Why is hope so powerful and influencial? While it may not always be presented directly as the searchlight of security, it delivers profoundly well. Why is that? And then truth. Another name it can be given is honesty, but honesty doesn’t even begin to emcompass the depths of the former. Truth is realities correct desription and dependable plumbline. Deviating from it is possible, but leaves one in precarious situaitions. And finally freedom. The picture of prision bars, coartrooms, and armed escorts come to mind. It is the elimination of pressure, debt, deadlines, and stress. These three powerstroke words have monumental impact on society and individuals. I am compelled to believe, in fact, that without atleast a glimmer of hope, a person cannot continue living. For these reasons, I am lead to the conclusion that hope, truth, and freedom are at the core of mankind, the essence of life. They are the lifeblood of humanity.


How are messages delivered? Does it matter how something is communicated, and what the intended audience is looking for in an initial appearance? What if, though the message is good and powerful, it does not penetrate for lack of an interesting appearance? How often are books just by their covers, film’s chosen because of their trailers or informal word-of-mouth communication? How often are customers in the market for a particular product going to go out on a limb with a product without previously looking at it’s reviews? A medium is the package, the container the content is being delivered in, and if it looks tattered, cheaply constructed, or discolored, it may be returned with an assumption that the contents are bad too. It’s not right to assume what’s inside a package is going to be the same quality as the container, but it is obviously reasonable to understand why people still do it.


The message is the merchandise that will need to hold the greatest value of the whole package. It will need to have longevity, and show signs of excellence and craftsmanship. It will need to find the respect of the end-user to get a high rating. The manufacturer of things like Hope, Freedom, and Truth does not need help creating them. The quality, if they are genuinely aquired, is dependable. It has been marked by the Creator with the seal of it’s unique quality and originality, which is unmistakable. I think the premise I am coming from should be pretty obvious (I tried to be subtle). Jesus have given the world hope, truth, and freedom, along with some other choice metaphysical elements that make our lives full. But too often the message is actually tainted by overambitious individuals who want to convince the world that He is better then anything, and if need be, down play something else to drive home that goal. And while Jesus is the best thing that ever happened, Maybe the best person to sell that is the Holy Spirit Himself

Character Exposure Actions

One of the most powerful methods that I find comes across changing people is when a person lives out a life a love, humility, honesty, and joy, and the name of Jesus never has to be mentioned outright. It works because His name is all over the transformed mind of the individual life life. The individual’s character is now linked with the Holy Spirit’s character. Joy is now very natural in the person, and their conscience now convicts them of what is and is not right. I am repeatedly encouraged and set at ease that evangelism of the message of truth of God does not have to be sold, but is a gift given out freely. There’s no commission given, and no punishment for a delinquent or delayed quota. Because love keeps no record of wrongs, and for this reason we are drawn back of our own volition.

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