Innovation in the modern evangelical Christian sphere

Christians today are largely educated men and women who have gone to university and advanced into a profession to provide for their families. They are skilled at what they do. But they also claim to love Jesus.  So what often happens is that they apply their artistic, intellectual, or physical fines to archaic religious traditional works. The exterior is exquisite no doubt, but the lyrics are just a bit stale for the modern generation. It is a bit like an artist mimicking another artist in style.  The lyrics are completely different, but the style is all to familiar is being from someone else.  The hymns, and literature of past Christians were good in their time, but they are not given the same authority as the written or spoken word of God.  Further more, if the Spirit of God is speaking a new message, it may not come through an old hymn.  Originality is just as much part of excellence as form and style. The what is just as important as the how. Some artists have done this and created unique, new and engaging worship music that is relevant to the present generation.

But this transcends just musicians. Christian scientists are inhibiting their work by limiting their discovery of reality by assuming certain things about God and His creation, rather then observing openly what Scripture actually says, and what creation actually reveals, which may actually differ, or even contradict prior beliefs. Hope is seen over the horizon as theologians begin to take on new depths of open-mindedness in regards to the nature and character of God. One movement in theology is called “Open-theism”, which see’s God as a person, capable of thinking, experiencing, and learning, just like a human. Especially considering the free-will element of men, this is important to factor in for God.

Furthermore, in the political sphere, Christians are often hypocrites as they do not follow through on what is promised (there are definitely faithful exceptions out there). One of the marks of a Christian is staying committed to a statement. If this fails to happen, the the false statement is understood as a lie. Commitment is a risky business, but then, it is also an optional one. All Christians submit to it at the feet of Christ. If Christians are claiming the title of Christian as a badge, correctly adopting surface attribute of humility among other people, but not living out of a relationship experience with Jesus, are they really Christians? It is never easy to question the brethren, since that is not politically-correct in the world, but Christians are “not to be conformed to this world”. There is a demonic spirit of religion, and his work load is full and bulging these days. We must be ever-conscience the Christian traditions have not sweeped over the non-coercive relational experience with God. He created us, saved us, and leads us. But theology has offered a doctrine that God sovereignty controls all creation. This allows for a laziness on the part of Christians, while increasing prayer and servitude, but dismissing practical and reverent action.

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