Objective Christian Excellence


Commited To Excellence
Tanti Ruwani, Flikr

Objective Excellence

Excellence should by no means be reduced to a casual affirmation a vocal recitation, graded assignment, or physical achievement. Excellence is a standard that exists by surpassing the normal quality work of an individual. It is the rare, exceptional reach of the individual that is exhibited by committing their heart, mind, and physical dimensions into a determined end-goal focus. It is thus determined by the individual. But the conscience should be sending red flags as to when work is really above and beyond “good” or not. While it is categorized individually, excellence can be seen in others, when the quality level shows signs of extraordinary labor and attention.

Talents and Skills

Talents, it is said, are intrinsic, and skills are learned. The endeavor of an individual intending on delivering excellent work will need to reach beyond his natural talent. He will need to take risks, and reach beyond what his track record has led him to be expected of. While the external competition may be nowhere near the quality or quantity of work the said individual is producing, his own personal standard of excellence will be the measurement of whether that work is really excellent. Skills, on the other hand, begin as unnatural activities, if talented whatsoever in the area. Thus, producing using skills that are not natural is already a stretch. The result is that skills develop a wider range for more learned skills to be developed later.


Although stated earlier that excellence has to be defined internally, and not simply the external competition, a transcendent standard must be in place for anyone to achieve excellence that anyone else would recognize as such. It is universally recognized by dedicated determination, and heartily-given labor, but the external audience should not be the standard definer, if even the standard evaluator. The conscience should understand truth as absolute, and that by which everything else leans on. But the conscience only stores the data of what moral truth is. Truth ought to be understood to exist to the exclusion of an outside, observing audience. Truth literally stands on it’s on regardless. As the creator of the known universe, God rightly claims first dibs at defining truth. But what is surprising is that Judeo-Christian Scripture actually points to the fact that God actually submits to the laws of reality He put in place. While this may sound obvious, it actually limits God, though such a limitation is actually the most loving thing, and thus the most consistent thing according to the Biblical character that is defined of Him.

Christian Excellence

The modifying word “Christian” should by no means water-down the immensity of the expectation that excellence should create. In fact, Christianity should be setting the standard. It would seem that the evangelical Christian movement has created a subculture that allows excellence to resonate out from it, but beyond said “Christian” sphere, Christians separate excellence into a secular and sacred dichotomy. As I see it, this is a tremendous tragedy. Excellence, as stated above, should be seen as such from all of God’s grand creation, including those that would claim to be outside the Christianity sphere. The very standard of love that Christians are modeled to by Jesus is the highest form of love named by the Greeks, and universally known. It is a sacrificial love, a determined love, a relentless love. The standard of a Christian is not high only because of Jesus, but actually a standard that was present from day one. A lifestyle that the Creator wanted to see all men live and flourish in.



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