The Search and Pursuit of Supernatural Freedom

Dark Music Rhythms

As I listen to the melody and lyrics of successful melancholy artists, I am immediately struck by the obvious state of pain and agony being subtly expressed. While the presentation is well-tuned and crafted, the heart and internal premise from with the contents originated is dark and dismal. Perhaps their prolific popularity is the relationship that so many individuals feel with the soulish rhythms expressed.

Melancholy Movie Expressions

Music is one expression of the deeper, internal heart conditions people reside in. Movies often reflect much the same heart exposure. The sarcastically patient plot twists lead up to a climax that is both confusing and desperate, often with a hard-edged ego somehow reaching a tipping point that was somehow able to more then conquer the situation that presently looms. Many such movie scenarios reveal only one or a couple of desperate situations, implying that the actual lifestyle of the character has a multitude more of troubling, debilitating stress-ridden striving. When the world is moaning softly in agony, and no one is there to hear it; it is as if the consumer audience with be the “shoulder to cry on”, if the content is released in such a way that it is attractive. What is odd it that these expressions are often well-received. Even popular stories of fiction and literature are reproduced from this melancholy vantage point, as if people want to see the dark, and sinister version over the life-giving rendition.  What is at the heart of this new “melancholy genre”?

Internal wounds

What is going on in the hearts of these artists? Why are consumers feeding their dark expressions of pain? Are consumers really sympathetic to the wounded artists, or are the consumers equally in pain, and wanting to medicate with an expression by someone else? Is it enough to put a twisted and beautiful exterior on a unquestionably evil and sinister ancient scenario? Can vampires take on the characteristics of love, while claiming of themselves to be impossible, yet somehow fictionally is realized. Why are conspiracies so beautifully attractive to the informed? Is it that history is largely bland, and a new twist is required to reaquire our attention on dry and dead facts and dates? Why do we continue in our self-deception and intellectual medication? Where is the embraceable truth that will not evaporate just before we are able to grasp it? Hope that will not fade, or be found to be an illusion all along?

Deeper Reality

The spirit realm is alive and well to many of us. I have found myself tempted to the dark forces of spirituality, but couldn’t shake the obviously sinister and horrid feeling of raw fear and torment. I quickly call upon the Name of Jesus and find His peace. If there is power on the dark side, the created creatures of the supernatural, then there must be more power on the side of light. I have heard reports of incredible encounters and experiences of those who have encountered angels, miracles, and even God Himself. If the Creator of the universe is the fabricator of all things, He undoubtedly has the potential to lead us into deeper treasures that are healthy, and yet every bit the adventure that every man is pursuing; is striving for; is craving.

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