Adventures of The Kingdom

Redemption of Sin

In the beginning, it is all about restoring an existence of chaos into a beautifully-restored life. The clutches of the wicked has a great influence in the world, as it always has. It was the prerogative of God to see to it that His created men and women could be restored to their intended design, of which death was never apart. Christ opened the doors of salvation for men to enter life for the first time.

Restoring Life

But FREEDOM is found a bit later. It isn’t even to see sin washed away. Sin was never in the mind of God, and it’s removal does not bring a person to his fullness. There must be a filling up of what has been made open. That clean canvas must be given it’s illustration. The purpose lies not at a sin-free level, but a FREEDOM level. When does the adventure start? Is it when the chains have been cut, or when the ex-prisoner breaths the free air? This air, we as Christians know as the very breath of God (John 20:22). In this passage, Jesus breathed just as God did in the garden when He breathed life into the lifeless body of man (Genesis 2:7). It was Jesus who was calling His disciples in this moment to come alive for the first time. He had lived by the Spirit His whole life, and did nothing that He had not seen His Father doing (John 5:19, 30). If the Creator who created them was now breathing life into them after having died and raised again, releasing them from sin, they were now empowered, or at least given the opportunity for His power.

Once we have grasped the reality of God transforming us back to our intended design, I believe God begins to open us up to His larger plans. He wants to invite us into some bigger-then-life opportunities. At this point, we can begin to see God do amazing things through us, without our really understanding what we did. Miracles can be witnessed, first at a local level, and then grand, wide-spread miracles. It takes us submitting the vessel we are present in to be able to see great shifts happen beyond it.

The Natural Effects of a Righteous Life

Living in the laws of the Creator means that His blessings are uninhibited and unrestrained. His providence can be anticipated, and prayer becomes a natural tool of interaction with God. Prosperity can be expected in terms of true joy in the heart of the individual. It may not always be financially expressed, but a person in full submission to the Creator will also expect to never go hungry, unclothed, or sheltered (Luke 12:27; Mat 6:30-33). Frankly, I would rather have a life of purpose, full of passion in something that I love, and people that I cherish then any amount of financial amount or influential power. The Kingdom of God is not simply about knowing Scripture, and the theological points it prescribes. It is more then just written Truth. It is equally about His Spirit, from which His written word was first breathed. His Spirit then can possess any man just like an evil spirit can, although the character of God will wait for a full submit of the person, and will not violate His consent. But the Spirit of God is the most beautiful Spirit we can or will ever know, and His warm, majestic presence is the most familiar experience we can know as human beings.


If there is one thing that will bring a person to life, it is passion. If he is hungry, he will do whatever it takes to satisfy that hunger. In the Kingdom of God, one taste is enough to send us into a lifetime pursuit of more(Psalm 34:8). Yet, all along the way, we are being filled with actual substance. It is the hunger, the mystery of His presence, His power, and His wonder that compells us to persevere for greater things, greater realms, greater thresholds. If there is anything that could penetrate my heart that could grip me with a Holy fear, it is an untamed, wild, fiercely infinite and eternal God who’s Son was given in a most horrific way. Yes, God as a right to be on a rampage. His love is capable of so much more then anything Satan can attempt to throw. God is the originator and architect of all that exists. It is in His power to “unmake” souls. While it is not in His character to ever do this, it goes to show the reverence and respect that He is worth of. Let the fire in your heart be ignited by His Spirit, and give up traditional religion. The Spirit of God will never leave you bored!

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