Faith of our Fathers

The founding fathers of the American revolution had great “faith”.  They concieved of the name “CONTINENTIAL CONGRESS”, the “CONTINENTIAL ARMY”, and currency called “CONTINENTIAL”.  They had envisioned in thier minds the eventual expasion of the the national, civil territory of the nation to expand, and cultivate ALL the land from Atlantic to Pacific!  Their faith was grand, from another perspective, if merely to undertake the grand deed of attempting to “…desolve the political bonds of government…”  They knew that the British had the strongest military force in the known world, yet they persisted in thier just cause.  It could have been little else that would have been resonating so deep within them to relentlessly continue to follow the path that would lead to a gruelingly-long, enduring hardship of lifestyle, as the Revolutionary war took place.  Thier faith was great….

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