Citizen of a society?

 Is citizenship a prerequisite for living on planet Earth? Is the order of a nation or him the only way an individual can live? What other options are open to him?

Monarchies, oligarchies, democracies, anarchical states – is there life outside of a civil body policy? Does one have a choice in his citizenship, and what is the purpose of such a grand organization of formal policy. Webster defines government (modestly quoted here) as being “direction, restraint, control, and regulation”. Society then is defined in the English language by Webster as “Company, fellowship, union, and having common interest…” That famous, classic quote of our forefathers originating from the letter delivered to King George III known affectionately among American patriots (and most complacent citizens as well) as “the Declaration of Independence; “No taxation without representation”! Individuals tacitly consent to a larger governing body by choosing to stay in the nation they live. It is theoretically possible to purchase a sea-fairing vessel and take to the open seas, receiving no reprimanding from a nation’s law enforcement. To discover an uninhabited land and make camp there, locating the source of sanitary drinking water, food, and a suitable lodging for sleep, and rest. But what is lacking here? Socialization, and intellectual stimulation. Man would likely not survive in a sane state long without some form of socialization, and additionally, something to keep his elaborate mind occupied. One might additionally recognize moralityas standard in the nature of man. Beyond this, what of hope? What is the nature of his life here? What is the purpose of this existence all by his lonesome?
Why, per say, would one not be able to convince a group of individuals to join him in his endeavor off into the mysterious and civil-government free lifestyle? Suppose he did, and his fellow “shipmates” were even encouraged to partner with a like-minded, civilization-disapproving individual. They spot a landmass, and proceed to claim their grand law-less new existence on land. But as the individuals develop camp, some find items among the foliage that they fancy. Other members of the original endeavor of “society-free” escape, an axiom is approached: determine “reals of the camp”, or break off to “fend for himself”. Society is simply present wherever one or more people congregate.
Perhaps then, a life amongst civilization is more desirable after all. What if true freedom is discovered in the order, and formality of a unifying policy. In the U.S.A., this is known as the “Constitution of the United States”. By this, we know the laws that give direction, the penalties that dissuade the criminal actions, and the proper continuation of civil office, and military authority. It is short, concise. The civil government brings to it’s citizen’s a standing military for foreign and domestic protection, and organization of more local law enforcement, legislation, and judgment. Individuals choose their nation of citizenship (should they choose to dwell among people) by consent. Consent to their federal-level leaders, and those more local. How does consent to this nation’s laws, one might ask. Well, it’s quite simple: one chooses not to move out of the nation under which the laws are the binding factor of a nation, and unified, patriotic people.

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